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At Phippstastic, we are committed to helping you and your creative group.  Through evaluation, observation, assessment, implementation and execution, we can assist you in creating a highly effective marketing team.



Meet with all members of the marketing team to discuss and evaluate their work habits and personal time management along with their tools and techniques.
Observe who plays a role in marketing projects and the manner in which they communicate.  Quietly observe team and management meetings.  Travel with key salespeople to witness how they sell your products and services.
Once all data is collected and analyzed, provide constructive, but honest, feedback and recommendations on where improvements can be made.
There are a broad range of technology and training solutions, depending on your specific needs. Research different software and training to find the best fit for your company.
The needs are identified and the solutions are in place, but staying true to your implementation plan can still be difficult.  Perseverance will ensure integration into the culture of your department and the company as a whole.

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