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Don't let a lack of experience keep you from pushing your marketing efforts forward. Driving innovation and expanding creative boundaries is what makes your job fulfilling.


Through the combined experience of Phippstastic partners, we can help you explore new marketing territory and take your existing projects to the next level, or beyond. It's not necessarily about doing the work for you, we keep you engaged in the process so you and your team can learn new skills.


Video is a powerful communication tool, even more so with its explosive popularity on the Internet. Although traditionally expensive, it is possible to produce high quality video content on a budget.

A conference is a cost-effective way to bring clients and employees together, but it's more than just venue and menu.  An engaging promotional campaign can maximize registration through and maintain enthusiasm to reduce last-minute cancellations.

A successful event sends attendees back to their office with a positive view of your company, energized to do more business, and looking forward to the next event.

"If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will, and the outcome might not be in your favor."
Branding often breaks down with the failure to create and follow a clearly documented branding and style guide. Consistency reduces confusion among your clients and prospects.
Your brochures, advertising, website, and videos need to generate interest in your product and service. The objective is getting prospects to engage the sales team and start a conversation.
Stop wasting good money on bad giveaway items. To be effective, promotional items and gifts need to be "persistent", following the same consideration for impressions you use when buying media.

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Marketing teams should never feel limited by experience. Investing in innovation always benefits the organization while enhancing the skills and job satisfaction of marketing team members.

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