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about phippstastic

Phippstastic believes in building more effective marketing teams.  Structure, process, and collaboration are the keys to putting Marketing on par with any other department in the company.


Project Management has gained credibility and is spreading quickly through organizations large and small.  It's time for marketing managers to embrace this new discipline and create a structure that not only increases productivity but improves job satisfaction among team members.


Our mission at Phippstastic is to make time for you.  With the proper tools and techniques, you can take your company's marketing to the next level.


about Justin Phipps

After 13 years of production and marketing experience in media, Justin Phipps, president of Phippstastic Consulting, decided to branch out into the financial industry.  Together, they helped him develop innovative ideas and bring fresh energy into a new industry.


With over 17 years experience working in all areas of marketing, both at a production and management level, Justin gained a broad foundation of knowledge.  Combined with his passion for process and procedure, Justin possesses the unique ability to recognize opportunities to create efficiency and the desire to implement solutions.


Through his efforts at, Justin has become an internationally recognized expert on project management.

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Don't let other managers pigeon-hole your marketing team as unorganized and incapable of hitting deadlines.  Identify the common problems that prevent you from being successful, and learn how to overcome them.

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